Weeknotes 2022, part 2

Tales from my week. 30th July — 5th August


A selfie wearing my new glasses. They’re two-tone acrylic frames in purple and blue in an unusual cat eye shape with squared off corners.

I’ve requested funding from my workplace to attend a conference later this year. There’s no guarantee my application will be successful, however I’m proud that I asked. On previous occasions I’ve missed out because I didn’t feel I could ask or felt that I wasn’t worth the money; now I recognise that my development is also a benefit to the business.

Lauren posted in UPFRONT Global Bond on Monday about setting ourselves a mini challenge, which could be anything that stretched us outside of our comfort zone (work-related, family, financial, or something else). I’ve been incredibly busy recently so set myself the modest challenge of tidying my home, as the clutter was getting me down. I’ve been putting away one item for every time I move between rooms and I’m already seeing the difference.

I’m starting to get excited for autumn contests with Flowers. We received the parts for National Finals this week, and I’ve confirmed the bookings for our guest players. Our band is getting better each and every year, and the major tests of our progress will come in September-November.


Previous reflections on context-swtiching. “Some of my best work has been where I’m able to engage with lots of conversations and spot patterns or mismatches… on the other hand, holding multiple concepts/processes/projects in my head simultaneously is exhausting” (and it still is!)

I know I’m in need of a holiday when I’m overcommitted and lose my ability to pace myself; thankfully I’ve got a few days off to recharge my batteries and return with renewed enthusiasm.



The Week Ahead

Snapshots from my last performance at RAH in October 2021. A street-level view looking up at the iconic terracotta and cream facade, and a masked selfie from the stage during percussion instrument checks.

I’m hopeful that I can find some time for IRL coffees with friends and colleagues while I’m in the city.



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Coco Chan

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