Life, The Universe and Everything: Notes from a profound conversation

Every now and again I find myself in a conversation that feels truly significant: one that creates a paradigm shift in my thinking, or reaffirms a decision I’ve made in my life, or is in some other way memorable. This evening I left the office an hour and half later than my contracted hours because of one of these conversations.

A quick ‘hi’ to a colleague I’ve not seen in a few weeks unfurled into an extended dialogue about work, family, stress, uncertainty, adversity, spirituality… so many things.

Before I put my head down on the pillow tonight I felt compelled to write these things down, so I can’t forget all the ideas that are pinging around my brain. Also, I doubt I’ll sleep tonight if I don’t take a little time to decompress.

What follows are my raw and unprocessed recollections of our conversation. They’re not in any particular order, they’re just here. I figure they might be of interest to someone (or at the very least give you an insight into the state of my brain when it’s really fizzing).

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

That’s probably enough for now… I rather enjoyed this, and I’m sure I’ll refer back to some of these thoughts/learnings at a later date. Huge thanks to my colleague SN for an amazing conversation! Looking forward to the next one :)



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Coco Chan

Digital professional, musician, textile artist. Tweets @_crmzchan_